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Alexander Goulandris appointed Member of the ICC Banking Commission Advisory Board

Alexander Goulandris
ICC Banking Commission
International Chamber of Commerce
trade finance

Our very own Alexander Goulandris has been appointed Member of the Advisory Board of the ICC Banking Commission, the world’s foremost authority on trade finance.

The news was recently announced at the 2016 ICC Banking Commission Annual meeting, currently underway in South Africa.

The ICC Banking Commission Advisory Board focuses on the commission’s strategic decision-making processes and consists of an international network of experts who provide the ICC with meaningful support and direction on a regular basis, covering a variety of areas including organizational development, policy, partnerships and outreach. Most notably, the Advisory Board assists the ICC Banking Commission to enter into new areas of work and partnerships to support emerging aspects of international trade.

Members are selected based on their specific expertise in an area of utmost importance to the commission, focusing on criteria such as geographical / regional experience, sector-specific know-how and more.

According to the ICC’s recent news article, “Alexander Goulandris will represent FinTech - a priority topic for the Banking Commission in 2016.”

About the ICC Banking Commission

The International Chamber of Commerce Banking Commission is the largest commission of the ICC, possessing over 83 years of experience and including over 600 members in 93 countries. It produces universally accepted rules and standards for international banking practice, such as the ICC rules on documentary credits – the most successful privately drafted rules for trade ever developed, serving as the basis of US$2 trillion trade transactions a year. More than ever before, the ICC Banking Commission also helps policy makers and standard-setters translate their vision into concrete programmes and regulations to enhance business practices throughout the world.

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