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Chamber Dashboard
Providing real-time performance and visibility KPIs on your customers & documents
Chamber Inbox
Enabling you to see documents to certify as well as historical documents

(Note: the image shown is based on the new Chamber / Government UI that will be released in 2024)

Review Applications
From your Chamber's Exporter / Forwarder members applying for origin and movement Certificates

(Note: the image shown is based on the new Chamber / Government UI that will be released in 2024)

Stamp Supporting Docs
Enabling you to see documents to certify as well as historical documents

(Note: the image shown is based on the old UI and will be upgraded during 2024)

One-click to easily certify & return CO and Trade Documents to the applicant if requested to return digitally, or print and manually sign if a wet signature is required

(Note: the image shown is based on the old UI and will be upgraded during 2024)

Certified Docs Verification
All essCert-certified docs can be verified by anyone, including Customs Authorities, banks' doc checkers, or the importer to confirm the original document issued. Verification can be done at the top of this website via essCert Verification or, if applicable, the ICC CO Verification page
Accounting / Billing
If the applicant didn’t pay by credit card, essCert easily manages all credits for pre-paying customers, invoicing for post-paying customers as well as connects to your Chamber's CRM or Accounting Systems

(Note: the image shown is based on the old UI and will be upgraded during 2024)

Enabling you to run PDF reports for internal purposes, or Excel reports for statistical purposes

(Note: the image shown is based on the old UI and will be upgraded during 2024)

Free Chamber / Government essCert Trial

Trial essCert Express free-of-charge, no strings attached, no hidden charges
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Features & Benefits

End-to-end process control
Easily configure which documents can be submitted, pricing, minimum data required for reporting, how applicants can pay (i.e., by credit card, in advance, by invoice), if certified docs can be printed by applicants or just the Certifying Body methods, etc. (See Exporter/Forwarder experience here)
Up 95% time savings
Eliminate up to 95% of back-office administration time reviewing, processing and charging for certification, allowing processors to scale , increasing admin efficiencies and reducing admin costs
Powerful Reporting + BI
Automates / calculates VAT receipts, end-of-year reports for Governing Authorities or Statistics Bodies along with real-time reports on utilization, export statistics, etc., saving yet more time
Eliminates System & Operation Costs
Use of essCert eliminates the need to buy or develop, maintain and host your own Certification platform, saving time, hassle and overhead cost. Completely remove courier and postal costs associated with paper submission and returns.
Satisfied Chamber Members
Faster, easier digital application process eliminates lost time from errors and in-person document delivery, which, along with faster turnaround of certified documents and digital return, accelerates payment receipts for applicants and reduces payment delays on exports
Major Compliance Improvements
Significantly reduces risk of liability and fraud, while also increasing visibility and auditability
Enables Flexible Working
Online application (and digital delivery) allows Certifiers to work wherever and whenever, fitting with the new-normal approach of hybrid or flexible working
Applications are immediately available to your certification team, even if they are working remotely or across different offices. When using digital return, certified documents are immediately available to the applicant
Tried & Tested Solution
essCert is the leading trade document certification platform globally, serving 400+ Chambers of Commerce and Certifying Bodies across the globe
Free 24/7 Support
Our helpdesk is available to your users 24 hours per day, seven days a week, if you require assistance or face any issues
Multi-Lingual Solution & Notifications
Solution available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian & Portuguese. Hungarian, Russian & Arabic coming soon

What our Customers say

essCert in Use

400+ Chambers of Commerce and Governmental Authorities across 21 countries process over 75,000 documents each month via essCert

Available Certificates + Templates

essCert digitizes all required origin, movement + trade docs, with key doc types listed below. Click here for more details on essCert Doc coverage

  • Various Country Specific Certificates of Origin (i.e., AU, AIG, AR, IE, LV, SI, UK, etc.)
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • AIG Declaration of Origin
  • European / EC Certificate of Origin
  • GSP Form A
  • ATR / ATR.1 Movement Certificate
  • EUR-MED Movement Certificate
  • EUR.1 Movement Certificate
  • International Import Certificate
  • Invoice Declaration
  • Miscellaneous Certificate
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • ATA Carnet (coming soon)
  • Various Free Trade Agreement Certs, i.e:
    • ChAFTA
    • IE-CEPA
    • JAEPA
    • KAFTA
    • MAFTA
    • PAFTA
    • SAFTA
    • TAFTA

Available Packages

essCert provides three package levels for Chambers of Commerce / Government Authorities to pick and choose from based on your needs
essCert Express


  • Online Exporter or Forwarder registration
  • Online application for Exporter or Forwarder
  • Access to our existing library of 37 Certificate templates
  • Draft Certs in essCert or upload PDF Certs and distribute via essCert
  • Online review, approve and certify by Chamber or Government Body
  • Digital Return (create finalized signed/stamped Certificates which are securely returned via essCert as PDFs and printed by Exporter, Forwarder, or emailed to Importer)
  • Email notifications of key events to ensure nothing is missed
  • Basic reporting tools providing insight into use
  • Online verification tool for buyers, banks and Customs Authorities
  • Chamber hub, allowing small Chambers to have processing provided by larger chambers if desired
  • Multilingual user interface & email notifications, supporting English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian & Portuguese. (Hungarian, Russian & Arabic coming soon)
  • Hosted by ICE Digital Trade (formerly essDOCS) on AWS (Ireland + Germany)
  • Constant service security monitoring, regular patches and upgrades
  • 24-hour Support to Chamber (by phone & emails)
  • GDPR Compliant
essCert Enterprise

everything in Express, plus:

  • Add your own proprietary Certificate formats
  • Accounting, Tracking & Payment modules (Credit card charging module, Deposit account system, Invoicing system)
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Handling and Recording of paper (i.e., Non-electronic) COs
  • Option to add additional language pack small fee will apply)
  • API to connect Chamber Accounts software or CRM systems and remove data-reentry
  • ICC CO chain verification interface
  • Customs/Supervisory portal
  • Freight Forwarder Agent module
  • Direct support to exporters
  • API to corporate systems of major exporters
  • OCR tool to automate applications from ERP generated invoices
  • White-labelled to promote your brand
essCert Hybrid

everything in Enterprise, plus:

  • Chamber / Country hosted database, to provide complete control of your data
  • ICE Digital Trade (formerly essDOCS) hosts and maintains the application (approx. 12 updates per year)

Note: a fully hosted option is also available, but not recommended

No upfront fees
Flexible packages, pay-as-you-go or
subscription pricing to fit your budget and needs
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