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Exporter / Forwarder Inbox
Instantly accesss and view your applications & their statuses, plus historical applications
Enter Data
Enter your Certificate of Origin (CO) or other doc data manually, or upload as PDF. Save Exporter & Consignee data in your Contacts Library for re-use later

(Note: the image shown is based on the new Exporter / Forwarder UI that will be released in 2023)

your entered data before submitting to your Chamber of Commerce or other Authorizing Body. Add any comments and notes with your submission, if required

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Submit Application
Easily pick & choose processing options for your Certificate of Origin or other document applications, incl: Digital Return, Chamber Print & Applicant Collects, plus Chamber Certify & Embassy Legalise. View historical submissions

(Note: the image shown is based on the new Exporter / Forwarder UI that will be released in 2023)

Digitally Receive
your certified documents, which can be printed or digitally forwarded to relevant parties

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Features & Benefits

Certificates of Origin + other documents can all be obtained in minutes rather than days. Real-time notifications of acceptance or rejection means you can take immediate action, reducing frustrating document & shipment delays. Users can quickly copy, edit, resubmit previous applications online, while the App informs you of next steps for a successful application
No travel, no paper, less delay! As application, verification and issuance of certificates & docs is all completed online, there's no need to travel or courier docs for your application, or physically collect approved certificates. Using essCert takes the hassle out of export documentation, so you can prioritise adding value to your business instead
Reduce Operational Costs
Documents & certificates are submitted online, and can be received digitally, meaning you eliminate all document transport, courier or mail costs. As applications are editable online, essCert also helps you greatly reduce costs associated with human error
Simple, Intuitive, Easy to Use
essCert is super-easy to use! The risk of data entry errors is minimized as an application can't be submitted until it is complete and in the correct format. Making a similar application & dealing with rejections is easy too: essCert allows users to quickly copy, edit and resubmit previous applications to Chambers and other Certifying Bodies
Intelligent & Flexible
essCert comes with intelligent tools out-of-the-box, such as calculating a breakdown of export documentation costs before your application is made. What's more, essCert is designed to work for all key required origin, movement + trade docs, including EC Certificates of Origin, ATR.1, EUR.1, Arab Certificates and much more
essCert is highly secure, while also reducing the risk of liability and fraud typically associated with paper documents. By using our online solution, you’ll also benefit from major compliance improvements through increased visibility and auditability
Hassle-free Transition to Paperless
Easily switch to online Certificates of Origin and other export documents, without the need to install any software or hardware. essCert is also designed to match the look and feel of paper-based certificates and docs, making your transition to paperless even smoother
Tried & Tested Solution
essCert is the leading trade document certification platform globally, serving 60,000+ Exporters & Freight Forwarders digitally applying for and receiving back certificates + docs from 400+ Chambers of Commerce and Certifying Bodies across the globe
Free 24/7 Support
Our helpdesk is available to users 24 hours per day, seven days a week, if you require assistance or face any issues
Multi-Lingual Solution & Notifications
Solution available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian & Portuguese. Hungarian, Russian & Arabic coming soon
Enables Flexible Working
Online application (and digital delivery) allows you and your colleagues to work wherever and whenever, fitting with the new-normal approach of hybrid or flexible working

What our Customers say

essCert in Use

400+ Chambers of Commerce and Governmental Authorities across 21 countries process over 75,000 documents each month via essCert

Available Certificates + Templates

essCert digitizes all required origin, movement + trade docs, with key doc types listed below. Click here for more details on essCert Doc coverage

  • Various Country Specific Certificates of Origin (i.e., AU, AIG, AR, IE, LV, SI, UK, etc.)
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • AIG Declaration of Origin
  • European / EC Certificate of Origin
  • GSP Form A
  • ATR / ATR.1 Movement Certificate
  • EUR-MED Movement Certificate
  • EUR.1 Movement Certificate
  • International Import Certificate
  • Invoice Declaration
  • Miscellaneous Certificate
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • ATA Carnet (coming soon)
  • Various Free Trade Agreement Certs, i.e:
    • ChAFTA
    • IE-CEPA
    • JAEPA
    • KAFTA
    • MAFTA
    • PAFTA
    • SAFTA
    • TAFTA
essCert is Free to Register for Exporters & Forwarders
Use fees are as per your agreement with your Chamber or Certification body. Please contact them for more details