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  • Join over 400 Chambers + Certification Agencies using essCert to digitize origin, movement & trade document processing

Digital Certification of Trade Docs

essCert is the leading solution for electronic governmental and quasi-governmental certification of trade documents such as Preferential and Non-Preferential electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs), EUR.1, ATR.1, EU / EC Certificates of Origin, Arab Certificates, USP Form A and many more, along with relevant supporting documents such as Commercial Invoices. 

Chambers of Commerce & Government Authorities adopt essCert as a digital application and certification solution which can be connected to CRM and Accounting Systems. Exporters & Forwarders adopt essCert as a standalone solution, and can integrate the solution with ERP, TMS and CTRM systems.

400+ Chambers of Commerce and Governmental Authorities across 21 countries process over 75,000 documents each month via essCert.

ICE Certify will be launched in the coming months, and will offer Chambers of Commerce and other Certifiers the ability to generate revenue from offering other value-adding digital trade solutions to their members, and will offer Exporters and Forwarders a modern, intuitive user experience.

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How it Works

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Available Documents + Certificates

essCert digitizes all required origin, movement + trade docs, with key doc types listed below. Click here for more details on essCert Doc coverage

  • Various Country Specific Certificates of Origin (i.e., AU, AIG, AR, IE, LV, SI, UK, etc.)
  • Arab Certificate of Origin
  • AIG Declaration of Origin
  • EU / EC Certificate of Origin
  • GSP Form A
  • ATR / ATR.1 Movement Certificate
  • EUR-MED Movement Certificate
  • EUR.1 Movement Certificate
  • International Import Certificate
  • Invoice Declaration
  • Miscellaneous Certificate
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • ATA Carnet (coming soon)
  • Various Free Trade Agreement Certs, i.e:
    • ChAFTA
    • IE-CEPA
    • JAEPA
    • KAFTA
    • MAFTA
    • PAFTA
    • SAFTA
    • TAFTA