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essCert network exceeds 300 Chambers of Commerce across soon-to-be 20 countries

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The essCert eCO network has now reached 317 Chambers of Commerce in 18 countries spread over 5 continents, with 2 additional countries coming online in the next two weeks.

Uptake of electronic certificates of origin has surged over the last two months, driven in most part by the imperative to digitize during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For some context on the extent of accelerated adoption: in March and April of 2020 alone, essCert added 39 Chambers 5 countries (including the two currently being onboarded), significantly exceeding uptake for the entire course of 2019, where essCert had added 27 new Chambers and 3 countries over 12 months.

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This is also reflected on the essCert Exporter and Freight Forwarder network, which has grown to 42,830 companies – adding approximately 2,000 new companies to our eCO solution in March and April 2020 alone, more than our total network growth of the preceding 6 months. 

Commenting on the recent Chamber network milestone, Brian Smith, Managing Director, essCert, said: “electronic COs are viewed by Chambers and their Exporter or Freight Forwarder customers as a key tool to enable business continuity and crucially keep employees safe and healthy during Covid-19, since online COs limit in-person interaction and physical paper document handling.

In these difficult circumstances currently faced by all, we have a duty to ensure the utmost level of support for our customers both old and new, and assist rapidly in all their efforts to adopt or expand online certification as a way to meet today’s challenges plus prepare for tomorrow’s post-pandemic world.”

Contact us to find out more or if you are a Chamber of Commerce / National Authority seeking immediate assistance in digitizing your CO processes during Covid-19.


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