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FIATA makes case for a Paperless industry

Paperless Trade




A recent article in the FIATA Review  makes a strong case for a paperless forwarding industry, outlining key benefits and innovations in electronic trade processes. The article, titled ‘Carrot and Stick: Driving eChange in the Forwarding Industry’, views paperless trading not only as an efficient alternative to archaic paper practices, but more as a requirement  for effective trade execution in the future. According to its author Ursula Schmeling, ‘the forwarding industry is to go paperless’ since ‘today, technology and innovation are already making the difference between the winners and losers.’ Despite an industry which may often suffer from ‘dragging feet,’ the article ultimately heralds a new era of ‘eChange’ for the industry; one where digitization of trade processes ultimately benefits all participants in the supply chain, enabling businesses ‘to enter a true transformation […] and make a paradigm shift to deliver more value to their customers.’ Source: Schmeling, U. (2014) ‘Carrot and Stick: Driving eChange in the Forwarding Industry’, FIATA Review  No. 103, July, p.14-15

Click here for the entire FIATA Review July ‘14 Issue (Article can be found on p.14)

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