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Greater Omaha Chamber achieves 99% paperless Certificates of Origin with essDOCS Certification

Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
essDOCS Certification
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paperless Certificate of Origin

The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce has reached 99% paperless Certificates of Origin via the essDOCS Certification solution, eCertify.

Omaha Chamber members, in their near-entirety, are now electronically submitting their Certificates and supporting documentation directly to the Chamber, which then then digitally reviews, stamps and returns to its members – providing a seamless, practical, secure and cost-effective alternative to cumbersome paper processes.

The Chamber adopted electronic Certificates of Origin in January 2015, swiftly reaching 50% paperless uptake by mid-year 2016, and now achieving 99% paperless – marking a near-100% increase in uptake year over year.

By effectively going fully paperless, the chamber has also ramped up its member-base as its streamlined, simplified, paperless process for handling Certificates of Origin continues to attract new members.

Ms. Kristin Gochenour of the Omaha Chamber commented: “eCertify has streamlined our process, making our Certificate of Origin processing a simple and efficient method for both the Chamber and the end user.”

Greater Omaha becomes the 4th Chamber in the US to achieve fully paperless Certificates of Origin with essDOCS Certification.

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