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ICC WCF Paper on how to solve problems with the acceptance of eCOs

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By Alexander Goulandris, Co-CEO & CRO, essDOCS

While not a new paper, it is worth re-sharing this advice from the ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF) on increasing adoption of electronic certificates of origin (eCOs) – especially as more of us move to flexible, hybrid or remote working.  

The paper was authored by Martin Van Der Weide, who led the work at Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) to move to issuance of 100% digital non-preferential certificates of origin – a feat that was completed in April 2021.

(Note: as of this date all signatures used on KvK eCOs are mechanical / image signatures, and none are ‘wet’ signatures.)

It outlines key steps that Exporters and Chambers can take to overcome any and all obstacles to moving to fully electronic certificates of origin across the entire supply chain and including at the point of Import Customs.

essCert eCOs can be verified at the ICC Verification Site if the Chamber is a member of the ICC WCF CO Accreditation Chain, and additionally, all our eCOs can be verified using our own verification site

Feel free to reach out to your account manager at essCert if we can assist in your efforts to increase acceptance of eCOs into specific countries.


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