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Introducing essCert – a next generation eCO solution

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In the last two years, essDOCS acquired eCertify and TradeCert, two of the leading electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) providers.

Combined, these solutions enable over 30,000 exporters and forwarders to apply online for Certificates of Origin from 200+ Chambers of Commerce in 12 countries, with more countries to be added later in 2018.

Over the last year, we have been working hard to develop a combined solution which takes the best from both and incorporates next-generation technologies to offer the world’s most powerful eCO solution.

Today, we are delighted to unveil our next-generation eCO solution, essCert.

Some of the new features that essCert will offer to Chambers include:

  • Fully dynamic and upgraded user experience providing improved optimization across mobile, tablet and laptop
  • Open Platform where Chambers will be able to offer eCOs through multiple eCO providers and connect to a range of Chamber CRMs
  • Accounting module to handle all customer invoicing 
  • Processing / Agent chamber capability, giving smaller Chambers the option to outsource eCO processing to larger Chambers while maintaining their own branding
  • Invoice-to-application tool, using OCR and machine learning to auto-generate the eCO application 
  • Multi-payment options via Stripe, SagePay, Bambora and Releax; or invoicing to handle customers on account
  • Powerful Reporting Module
  • Verification Tool for third-parties plus connectivity to ICC Verification Site for Chambers who are a member of the ICC eCO Verification Chain
  • Improved security by way of optional two-factor authentication  
  • Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) option, enabling Chambers to connect eCO data to DLT platforms and connectivity to IoT devices to improve origin verification

Should you wish to learn more, or if you are a Chamber of Commerce (or National Authority) who wants to digitize the certification process contact us at    


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