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Mälardalen Chamber achieves over 90% Paperless Certification with essCert

Handelskammaren Mälardalen
Chamber of Commerce
Anneke Olsson
electronic Certificate of Origin
Paperless Trade
Paperless Certification

The Chamber of Commerce of Mälardalen has achieved over 90% paperless certification via the essCert electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) solution.

Mälardalen Chamber members, in their near-entirety, are now electronically submitting their Certificates and supporting documentation directly to the Chamber, which then digitally reviews, stamps and returns to its members – providing a seamless, practical, secure and cost-effective alternative to cumbersome paper processes.

Most notably, the recent milestone was achieved by the Swedish Chamber in just 3 months from going live with essCert eCOs, marking a record-setting feat and becoming the fastest Chamber of Commerce in Europe to achieve paperless uptake of over 90%.

Ms. Anneke Olsson, Export Administrator at Mälardalen Chamber, commented: “electronic Certificates of Origin allow us to provide a value-adding service to our members by simplifying and speeding up the certification process, both for our Exporter & Forwarder CO applicants well as the Chamber”.

The Chamber of Commerce of Mälardalen is part of a network of 200+ essCert Chambers of Commerce issuing eCOs out of 12 export countries for imports into 203 countries. 


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