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One Millionth electronic Certificate of Origin issued via essDOCS Certification solution, TradeCert

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Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
DHL Global Forwarding
Certificate of Origin
electronic Certificate of Origin
Paperless Certification

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce recently issued and approved the one millionth TradeCert electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO), applied for online by DHL via the essDOCS Certification solution.

Specifically, the electronic Certificate was applied for by TradeCert user Mattias Lij, Team Manager at DHL Global Forwarding, and approved by Hannah Runald, Commercial Documents Manager at the Stockholm Chamber

The Chamber adopted the essDOCS Certification solution in March 2016, with DHL applying for its first eCO in July 2017.  

essDOCS Certification Managing Director, Brian Smith, alongside TradeCert Operations Manager, Ann-Marie Slevin, traveled to Stockholm to present the Chamber and DHL Global Forwarding with an Award to commemorate this major milestone – a Galway Crystal Vase engraved with the Chamber & Customer name plus date of issuance of the millionth electronic Certificate!

Stockholm Award with DHL
L-R: Fredrik Edholm & Hanna Runald (Stockholm Chamber), Brian Smith (essDOCS Certification), Mattias Lij (DHL Global Forwarding), Ann-Marie Slevin (TradeCert), Theodor Fotiadis (Stockholm Chamber)

Commenting on his experience with TradeCert, Mathias Lij, Team Manager, DHL Global Forwarding, said: "the system is easy to follow and we are glad we made the decision to go online. We will be moving more of our people onto the TradeCert system to apply for eCOs." 

Brian Smith, Managing Director, essDOCS Certification, said: “the support of innovative, forward-thinking organizations such as Stockholm Chamber and DHL continues to accelerate global eCO adoption. What better way to celebrate this major milestone than with our valued customers, whose continued belief will surely propel paperless certification to even greater heights.”


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