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Certificate of Origin Application Certification and Printing Process with Tradecert

TradeCert has been working with Chambers of Commerce and exporters across the world for the last decade to streamline the certificate of origin application process. We’ve worked closely with our customers to develop a system that allows you to apply, pay for your document, print it and then allow it to be verified once it has reached the destination country. TradeCert also then produces reports and sends billing detail to exporters.

For chambers of commerce, the TradeCert system saves time with the administrative tasks that are associated with the Certificate of Origin process. We work with some of the biggest Chambers of Commerce in the world to continually streamline the export process and this is one of the main reasons that so many Chambers have switched from our competitors, to the TradeCert system for the management and streamlining of their Certificate of Origin and Export Documentation process.

For Exporters, TradeCert provides the most comprehensive export documentation solution. While many of our competitors are still stuck in the past, we have developed solutions that simplify the whole Export Documentation process. Once an order is received, you can login to TradeCert and create your application in minutes. When the document has been approved by the chamber, it’s easy to print the document from the comfort of your own desk. As an added bonus, we provide instant,direct and highly valued customer support, ensuring that help is available if and when it’s needed.

To discuss how the TradeCert system can improve your export documentation process, click Contact Us to message a TradeCert representative or to request a call back.

tradecert staff

by Anthony Coughlin

Published: 12 August, 2016

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