Client uses essCert certificate builder

Simply log in to your company’s account and enter Certificate details. We provide plenty of help as you go along, such as saved consignors, consignees and other details. You can even copy previous certificates and edit as needed. Click submit, and your Application is at the Chamber. It’s easy!

Chambers of Commerce authorise the Client’s Certificate of Origin

Authorised Chamber Officials receive Applications into a queue for review. The Chamber can simply Approve and Certify documents with a few clicks. For those Chambers that use our Accounting and Tracking system, clicking Approve means they’re done – the back office work is done automatically!

Clients can print out their official Certificate of Origin on their own printer

After Chamber Approval, your Certified document is returned electronically within our secure environment. You simply print your document, with the Chamber’s official stamp and signature applied digitally. For those rare times you need a manually stamped and signed certificate, you have the option to request the Chamber to print your Certificate for return to your office.

How it Works

When a client is registered through a Chamber offering Online Certifications via the essCert system, obtaining a Certificate of Origin couldn’t be faster and easier.

Exporter and Freight Forwarder Clients simply log in to their account and enter certificate details. Shortly after online submission, the Chamber will email you to confirm approval. The Client can then issue the Certificate of Origin right at their own printer; our secure system will even apply the Chambers official stamp and signature digitally. The entire system is cloud based, meaning there is no software for the Client or Chamber to download and install. It’s easy!

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