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Paperless Trade Insights Q1 2016

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  Paperless Trade Insights Q1 2016

Digitisation continued to gain meaningful traction across the entire scope of trade & trade finance processes during Q1 2016, with new geographic territories embracing paperless trade for the very first time and major players in the finance, energy and agri sectors adopting eDocs as a first. With industry experts agreeing that trade digitisation is approaching a 'tipping point', news headlines focused on the wide-reaching applicability of paperless trade in diverse yet inter-connected areas such as Fintech, Government, Ship Operations and Port Logistics – broadening digital’s reach as the industry continues to embrace innovation like never before!


Industry News & Views

OOOCyber Security Guidelines for Ships: Leading industry bodies release a comprehensive set of Cyber Security Guidelines for ships, the 1st of their kind for the industry (source: BIMCO). + READ MORE

ooEurope’s banks get behind the BPO: A potential 'watershed moment' for BPO, as the solution gains meaningful traction with European banks & corporates. (source: Treasury Today). + READ MORE

oooDoing more with less: The impact of digitising port processes combined with data from the Internet of Things, as experienced by the ports of Santos & Hamburg (source: PortStrategy). + READ MORE

ooIATA e-Air Waybill update: The air freight industry continues to make significant strides towards 100% paperless trade, with e-AWB use now reaching 37.5% paperless trade (source: IATA). + READ MORE

oDigitisation is perhaps the best economic news on the planet at the moment: Eurobank's Athanasios Ntaflos weighs in on the undeniable impact of trade digitsation (source: LinkedIn). + READ MORE

ooo(Video) ADB's Trade Finance Program: essDOCS Consulting customer, ADB, on the critical role of its Trade Finance Program in boosting economic growth and alleviating poverty (source: ADB). + READ MORE

ooDigital repurposing pays off for BBVA: Banks with a long-term digital strategy, like essDOCS Customer BBVA, are reaping major benefits from going digital (source: Verdict Financial). + READ MORE

ooHow DHL Pioneered The Sharing Economy: A perspective on DHL's contribution to innovation in the sharing economy, in an industry yet to entirely forego paper (source: TechCrunch)+ READ MORE

ooNorbulk implements cloud solutions: Digitisation is a top priority for leading ship managers like Norbulk, enabling significant improvements in efficiency and competitiveness (source: HSN). + READ MORE

ooThe Impact of Digital: A fully digital supply chain can reduce exporting costs by up to 85%, enabling 350 million businesses to begin exporting goods for the first time (source: DMCC). + READ MORE

oo(Infographic) What does the Future of Fintech hold?: Q1 2016 has already seen a 75% rise in fintech investment in comparison to last year (source: Pivotl & + READ MORE

ooStandard Definitions for Supply Chain Finance: The International Chamber of Commerce releases its detailed set of definitions for Supply Chain Finance and its techniques (source: ICC). + READ MORE

oooAsia Pacific countries finalize first regional agreement to enable cross-border electronic trade at UN forum: A major milestone for global paperless trade (source: UN ESCAP). + READ MORE

ooChina Fintech Passed Disruption Tipping Point: A revealing look into China's Fintech landscape, in certain areas up to 4 times bigger than the U.S (source: Citigroup & Bloomberg). + READ MORE


essDOCS Company News

oioiessDOCS names Ashley Skaanild Chief Commercial Officer: Former Head of Trade Finance & Chemicals appointed essDOCS CCO, tasked with overseeing global company-wide sales strategy. + READ MORE

oioiessDOCS & SWIFT nominated for 2016 Fintech Innovation Awards: Shortlisted for 'Innovation in Corporate Banking Solutions' at the prestigious industry awards in London. + READ MORE

jkk(Video) 1st Singapore DDG Workgroup Meeting: Highlights from from our 1st Singapore DDG event, attended by 130+ delegates from the leading Miners, Metals Traders, Agri Houses & Banks. + READ MORE

l.,.,essDOCS to discuss Tech in Trade & Trade Finance at ICC Banking Commission Annual Meeting: Joining the discussion on digital trade at the world’s foremost trade finance gathering. + READ MORE


CargoDocs News

kkLouis Dreyfus Commodities goes live with CargoDocs: For a co-loaded shipment of bulk maize, ex-Brazil to Taiwan. + READ MORE

kkStandard Chartered goes live with CargoDocs: For an iron ore transaction, as issuing bank on behalf of a leading commodities trader. + READ MORE

kkjjSouth Africa embraces CargoDocs: First ever use of CargoDocs electronic Bills of Lading for a shipment ex-South Africa. + READ MORE

mmStatoil goes live with CargoDocs: For an intra-UK shipment of Ekofisk Blend Crude Oil. + READ MORE

mnmnmPhilippines embrace CargoDocs in 1st ever Palm Oil trade: Achieving two major CargoDocs milestones in one go. + READ MORE

mnnmCargoDocs for Barges 16.1 released: Featuring major improvements relevant to Barge Traders, Masters/Owners & Surveyors. + READ MORE


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