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Here at TradeCert we are continually striving to improve our service. Recently, we decided to ask exporters to participate in a customer service survey, the idea being that when an exporter called for support assistance, they would then be asked to complete an anonymous survey detailing their experience.

We were absolutely blown away by the results. As well as gaining some useful insights into how we could improve our service, we also learned that we had a 97% customer satisfaction rating and a 97% customer support rating.

So, why was our customer support rated so highly? The overwhelming reason was that an exporter could pick up the phone and get through to a TradeCert representative immediately! No time waiting in an automated queue, pressing multiple numbers with the hope of speaking to a human being. When an exporter calls TradeCert support, you are transferred immediately to a support representative ready to handle your query.

To discuss how TradeCert support could assist your exporters, click Contact Us to message a Tradecert representative or to request a call back.

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by Anthony Coughlin

Published: 08 July, 2016

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